Water Meter Services

Since 1984 Coulter has been a leader in the water metering industry providing exceptional testing and calibrating services to customers throughout Ontario.

Water Meter Testing & Calibration

Water is an important part of any municipalities infrastructure. With costs and regulations only increasing it is important to keep a healthy and well maintained population of water meters. To achieve this water meters require regular maintenance to operate and perform properly. Below are just a few of the reasons to keep a properly functioning population of water meters:

  • ICI meters account for less than 30% of the meter population but over 70% of the measured consumption
  • Inaccurate or stopped meters result in lost revenue
  • Regular service ensures best practice and extends the life of your asset
  • Extended life of water meters reduces costly capital upgrades

Many of Coulters testing and calibration services can be performed on-site or in our shop. On-site testing with our modular test meter units can minimize service disruptions to important customers. For less urgent work Coulter's state-of-the-art testing facility in Ingersol can provide high volume testing for meters up to 10" in size. All testing meets AWWA and/or manufacture specifications.

Water Meter Repairs

Coulter can provide repair services on all major brands of water meters. Being able to offer an alternative to costly meter replacements can help extent the value of budges while ensuring a properly functioning meter population. Coulter is proud to offer re-manufactured meters and parts to help our customers save costs. Our inventory houses used current production model turbines, compounds and flanged displacement meters as well as some discontinued units. Coulter refurbishes these meters and parts in-house using the same vigorous repair and testing methods as applied to meters sent to our shop for rehabilitation. After this process, the meters are warranted as new.

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